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12 Tricks To Conquer All You Can Eat Las Vegas Buffets


Recently, I put together my list of the top 5 best buffets in Las Vegas, but realized I was giving a peak into paradise without the keys to enter. And so I just had to follow up with a Hack: specifically how to eat your weight and conquer all you can eat Las Vegas Buffets! Nope, I’m not talking about Tupperware and hidden zip locks (Come on people, lets keep it classy!); I’m talking about proven buffet hacks!

In case you’re wondering, this week’s hack is about how to overeat and how to push the limits of the belly and keep it coming!   For the squeamish, the healthy, and the dieters, sorry, this one ain’t for you.

All you can eat Las Vegas buffets are awesome! There are very few institutions as famous as the Las Vegas buffets. Sure, Vegas has gambling, 24-hour festivities and clubs that bring it home to the break of dawn, but the desert oasis is also a buffet lovers dream come true!

They’re not cheap though, and certainly not a budget endeavor. Over the years, all you can eat Las Vegas buffets have gone from two for ones to a wallet blasting $50+.   But with the right techniques it’s still possible to walk out a winner!

So, like Kobayashi – flex the stomach and get ready:

12 Tricks to Conquer all You Can Eat Las Vegas Buffets!

  1. Get the lay of the land: Do a quick pass and refrain from filling your plate first go around. Going in hungry will cause you to impulsively grab the first items you see, and by the time you discover the lobster tails, you’re already full on rice and pasta
  2. Less is more: Take small portions of everything. A buffet is about variety, not just wolfing down 3 plates of spaghetti and calling it a day. As well, not all dishes are created equal, it may look better than it tastes, and you’ll be stuck wasting food, or stomach space with fillers:
  3. Don’t starve yourself: your stomach will naturally contract in the absence of food. Like Kobayashi, exercise the stomach by eating, and take some sugar to prime the metabolism
  4. Pre-funk with Water: If you’re really serious about breaking some world records, drink lots of water days before in order to stretch out the stomach to increase capacity
  5. Time your visit: The best time to visit Las Vegas buffets is during the crossovers between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. Not only does this save money, but also it has the added benefit of more food selections.
  6. Be comfortable: Don’t bother dressing up with the heels and bowtie. Wear non-restrictive comfortable clothing and avoid the finery. You’re here to eat, and you certainly can’t do that if you’re trying to maintain some decorum of civility and class!
  7. Avoid empty calories: Stay away from the rice, breads, and pasta as these are just fillers that are meant to trick you. Go straight for the proteins like meat and seafood
  8. Take your time: It’s a marathon not sprint. Eat with a purpose and not speed
  9. Go in empty: Eat a lot of fiber along with a big meal the night before your big day. The idea is to flush the body out in preparation. No one goes to a gas station with a full tank, nah mean?
  10. Prime the appetite: Get a good workout in before the buffet. I know, you’re in Las Vegas, and smashing weights is the last thing on your mind, but if you want to OWN that buffet, then you go do a few sets of squats!
  11. Watch the liquids: Stay away from the fluids, especially the carbonated ones. It may not seem like it, but gas and even water takes up valuable stomach space.
  12. Watch out for the salt: Salty foods will invariably make you want to drink more.   Stay away from the overly salted dishes, and try cleansing the palate with a piece of fruit.

My order is always protein, fats and then sweets. From a value standpoint, proteins always cost more and sweets, well, we always got room for sweets! Master the above, and even if you can’t beat the one armed bandits, you can still come out a winner! Good luck!

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