Travel Hack Friday: #DIY Orange Peel Oil Candle #travelhacks

October 16, 2015 Comments (1) Adventure, Backpacking, How To, Safety and Survival, Travel Hacks

If you’ve been following my travel hack series, you may remember in a previous post: Gone in 30 Seconds with a Bug Out Bag, I recommended including olive oil as an essential part of your 72 hour bag.  Olive oil has a litany of benefits: it’s healthier, it’s safer (lower flashpoint

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Hanoi October 5, 2015

Hanoi Vietnam, The Photoscape! #Hanoi #Vietnam #Southeastasia

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is often overlooked and eclipsed by its more

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Edible Bugs October 2, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: How to Find Edible Bugs

Eww insects? That’s the typical reaction when one thinks of bugs. The very thought

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