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pay as you weight airfare August 17, 2015

Pay As You Weigh Airfare? Don’t Let it Happen

Image Courtesy of Bradley Gordon Not long ago I shared a post on how to avoid

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cash back on travel July 10, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: Get Cash Back on Travel Purchases

Above image courtesy of Nick Ares You might think this travel hack is a no brainer,

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travel size containers June 19, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: DIY Travel Size Containers

I love DIY travel hacks because, 1) they are usually clever as hell, 2) they often

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refund on airline tickets June 12, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: How to get a Refund on...

Above image courtesy of Kevin Dooley Know what’s better than finding cheap

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find cheap airfare tickets June 1, 2015

How to Find Cheap Airfare Tickets

Above image courtesy of Marcin Wichary Remember the good ole days when airlines

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baggage fees May 29, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: Avoid Baggage Fees

Above image courtesy of Canadian Pacific Baggage fees have all but gone

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ryan featured May 27, 2015

Adventure Series: Blogging From Paradise

Have you ever imagined being able to whittle your days away while laying on a beach

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free things to do in san diego April 20, 2015

Free Things To Do In San Diego – Seriously!

What’s better than traveling? Well, nothing really but getting free stuff is

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Travel Hack 4 April 10, 2015

Travel Hacks Friday: Find Cheap Flights Like a Ninja

Welcome to Another Travel Hacks Friday. As part of a new series, every Friday, we

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SustainableTravelLifestyle March 6, 2015

Fund and Sustain a Life of Global Travel Part 2

Sustainable travel is a tough business. But Kach and Jon of Two Monkeys Travel have

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