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camping in the backcountry September 28, 2015

10 Movies Not To Watch Before Camping In The Backcountry

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Besides providing an endless stream of

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hand gestures around the world July 6, 2015

16 Hand Gestures Around the World That Won’t Make You...

I’m naturally a very animated conversationalist, and tend to move my hands and

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fun things to do on a road trip June 15, 2015

10 Fun Things To Do On A Road Trip

I hate flying. I know, for a dedicated traveler this is borderline blasphemous. But

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travel personalities April 8, 2015

10 MORE Travel Personalities (Which One Are You?)

Joanie had such a great time putting together her article “10 Personalities you

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Travel Passport March 18, 2015

10 Personalities you will Meet While Traveling

You never know what to expect when you are traveling, from the sites you visit to

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