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What you need to know for Wilderness Survival


Wilderness awareness/staying safe

  1. Know your surroundings
    • emergency services and Ranger offices locations
    • Always have a map and compass with you
    • Know basic navigation techniques
    • Establish meeting points in case of separation or loss of bearing
  2.  Food & Storage
    • Always store food properly. Use bear kegs or provided food lockers if available
    • Treat or boil water (even if says potable)
    • Throw trash away daily
    • Always keep food within arms reach
  3. Preservation
    • Practice no-impact camping
    • Camp in only designated/developed areas
    • Leave no trace behind
  4. Safety
    • Know your basic first aid (bind/treat a wound or break)
    • Always carry a quality knife or multi-tool, whistle, and headlamp, hat or scarf
    • Know basic fire starting techniques to start a fire
    • Know how to tie a knot
    • Stay hydrated and always carry water
    • Ensure you have sturdy good traction footwear
    • Know your limits
    • Practice self-saving techniques
  5. Wildlife Awareness
    • Never let bears approach you, keep 50 yards distance minimum
    • Make loud yelling noises
    • Try to appear as large as possible
    • Never feed wildlife
    • Never surround wildlife
    • Never Run
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