Ridesharing and Taxi Service July 17, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: Compare Ridesharing and Taxi Service Rates Worldwide

I’m sure you’ve seen them. The cars with the gigantic logos emblazoned on the

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Who Needs Maps July 15, 2015

Adventure Series: Who Needs Maps

Who needs maps? Certainly not these two! Traveling couple Jack and Jenn, of

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cash back on travel July 10, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: Get Cash Back on Travel Purchases

Above image courtesy of Nick Ares You might think this travel hack is a no brainer,

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my tan feet July 8, 2015

Adventure Series: My Tan Feet

Beach loving, sandal toting experts of all things Costa Rica, Samantha and Yeison is

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hand gestures around the world July 6, 2015

16 Hand Gestures Around the World That Won’t Make You...

I’m naturally a very animated conversationalist, and tend to move my hands and

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how to tie knots July 3, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: How to Tie Knots That are...

Above image courtesy of Benjamin Balazs Hopefully you read last weeks post on basic

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thailand scams June 29, 2015

4 Notorious Thailand Scams to Avoid

Who knew you could lose your passport and Baht roll over a can of coke?

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basic knot tying June 26, 2015

Travel Hack Friday: Know your Knot Tying

This weeks hack is not particularly exciting nor is it really a hack, but what it

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Featured June 24, 2015

Adventure Series: OpenWorld

Entrepreneur, prolific writer, digital nomad, and founder of OpenWorld, Danny Flood

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reasons to love camping June 22, 2015

10 Reasons That Will Make You Love Camping

On a recent backcountry trip, I emerged from the wilds scarred, bruised, limping and

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