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Just an Awesome GoPro Video

Hands down GoPro Hero 4 is one of, if not the, most powerful versatile adventure camera’s around.  With a butt load of mounts and accessories,  there probably isn’t an activity alive that can’t be filmed with a GoPro.

Go Pro in 4K

multi purpose and multifunctional

I don’t have any worthy video’s to post yet,  but if you’re like me,  you got to admit, GoPro videos are awesome!


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I'm an aspiring scuba diver, novice spelunker and avid adventurer.I have a penchant for always getting lost with an established track record for choosing the worst places to eat. With a healthy aversion to staying in one place for too long, I am the ceaseless wanderer and explorer. I recently traded in the suit for a backpack, and am now pursuing to live a life of sustained travel. I travel to learn, I travel to live and I travel in search of adventure.
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