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New York Part 1 – Courting The Big Apple

Image courtesy of See-Ming Lee
Above image courtesy of See-ming Lee

I was able to knock two things off my bucket list this past September: going to NYC and attending the U.S. Tennis Open. My trip to New York was absolutely amazing, not only did I see one of the more epic matches in tennis history (Federer vs. Monfils), but I was also able to win tickets to a taping of the David Letterman Show (more on that later!).

The US Tennis Open in New York is the last grand slam of the year and is held at Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York. The tournament usually starts during the last week of August and finishes in September.   Tickets to the matches can be purchased through Ticketmaster in April (for USTA members) and in June (to the general public). Make sure you know which match you want to see because the tickets sell out fast and you can only buy tickets for one match at a time. Tickets to the tournament can be expensive and the cost depends on the matches that you see and where you sit.   If you make it to a match held in the Arthur Ashe Stadium, keep in mind that there really isn’t a bad seat anywhere so you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to get a good view of the game.

Here’s a picture of the court from Row X of the Promenade. This is where I sat during the Men’s Finals between Cilic vs. Nishikori. I was able to see the players and tennis ball perfectly fine, and more importantly feel the crowd’s energy.

New York Tennis open 2014Even sitting all the way in the back, Mike and I still had a great view of the Men’s Final match.

To get from Manhattan to Flushing Meadows via Subway, catch the number 7 train from Grand Central Station or Times Square-42nd Street Broadway Station to the Mets-Willet Point Station. During rush hour there is an express train called the Train 7 Flushing Express and it is depicted with a diamond rather than a circle. From Times Square to Mets-Willet, the Flushing Express makes 10 stops as opposed to 20 stops with the Flushing Local Train. This was definitely a time saver for us!

Tickets to a match give you access to the grounds, so make sure you give yourself a lot of time to walk around. There is a lot to see, souvenirs to buy, and places to eat. It is great to just sit, take in the atmosphere and people watch. Also, the media are all over the grounds and the legendary John McEnroe has a booth, so go see who he is interviewing or listen to his commentary about the players and matches.

US Tennis Open 2014

Federer and MonfilsEveryone starting to get settled in before Federer and Monfils walk onto the court.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the Men’s Quarter Finals and the Men’s Finals. When I first purchased the tickets, I didn’t know who I would see but being at the game was exciting enough to me. Needless to say, I was blown away when I found out that I would be watching Roger Federer, who is my absolute favorite tennis player, play Gael Monfils.

Federer and Monfils 2 Federer and Monfils taking the obligatory photo before they begin the match.

Watching Federer on TV is always exciting but seeing him live on the court is magical. Not only is he the epitome of a gentleman who is gracious in both triumph and defeat, but he also moves gracefully making it seem effortless as he glides from one side of the court to the next. On top of that, I experienced LIVE one of the most epic matches in Grand Slam history!!! Monfils won the first two sets at 6-4 and 6-3. Federer was able to win the third set at 6-4, but during the fourth set he faced two champion points and I thought this is it, game over. However, Monfils failed to convert the points and being the true champion that he is, Federer came back and won the set and ultimately the match – and that ladies and gentlemen is why Federer is holds the record for Grand Slam titles! The energy in the stadium was electrifying and everyone stayed till Federer walked off the court. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, well except a final game between Federer vs. Djokovic. Unfortunately that didn’t happen in 2014 because they both lost in the semi-finals.

During the Men’s Final game Marin Cilic went up against Kei Nishikori. This match up was one of the most unexpected in Grand Slam history. Although Nishikori’s career trajectory had been trending upward and even with seven ATP titles under his belt, few people expected him to beat Djokovic in the semi-finals, but I guess everyone loves an underdog! It was exciting to go to the final match because nobody knew what to expect and we all just wanted to watch some great tennis. In another unexpected surprise during the final match, Cilic beat Nishikori in three straight sets – 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, to capture his first Grand Slam title.

Joanie and MikeMike and I capturing our own moment in tennis history J.

The players and match ups do add to the excitement, but regardless of who is playing on the court or if you are new to tennis or a long time fan, the US Tennis Open is definitely a tournament that you must experience.


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I love food and I love to shop.As a foodie, food is often the focal point of my travels and I am always trying to add to my culinary experiences by finding restaurants that offer dishes from the region I am visiting.Also, my weakness for shopping often finds me bringing either an extra backpack or empty hockey bag (they are lighter and have wheels) on my trips because I want to bring home what I buy.I remember one time when I was coming back from Australia, the Canadian Customs Agent was shocked from how much I spent and he told me he has never seen anyone spend as much in Australia as I had (all those UGG boots add up)!

These stories and adventures give me something to smile about everyday, I hope that it brings you a little something too.

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2 Responses to New York Part 1 – Courting The Big Apple

  1. Very cool Joanie! I’ve always wanted to see Letterman’s gap-toothed smile up close….lol….the guy is so funny. The US Open is also quite the event. I visited WAY BACK when Sampras and Seles were both #1 in the world and I even got to see Monica play. What a blast. NYC in general is just full of flavor. I take it for granted because I grew up in Jersey across the river but darn it’s a neat place, and I remind myself of that. Thanks for the fun share and keep on inspiring!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How 2 Flamboyant Thai Lady Boy Prostitutes Taught Me (and You) 6 Clear Blogging LessonsMy Profile

    • Joanie says:

      Hey Ryan,

      Wow! Sampras would have been cool to see. I would have loved to have grown up near or in the big apple. There’s so much to do in NYC, can’t wait to go back. When I do, I will most definitely go to the US Open again. Federer is my favourite but he didn’t do well in the Australian open this year :(

      I’m actually in Hawaii now and will be sharing some of my experiences and tips, so make sure to check that out!


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